Last Modified: February 20, 2023 | Published: February 17, 2023

As your child is moving from preschool to kindergarten, this can be an intimidating time for your family. To support you in this process, we have assembled the top ten skills to work on with your child. 

The Top Ten Skills You Want Your Child to Know Before Entering Kindergarten 

Social Skill #1 Creative Play

Creative play in childhood looks like your child being able to play using imagination, symbolism, characters, and pretend. Creative play is your child pretending to be Mom or Dad with dolls or action figures. Your child can imagine being a character from a favorite tv show or book. Your child can take on the persona of another character and can turn everyday objects into something fun. For example, making a fort out of couch cushions. 

Social Skill # 2 Social Presence

Social presence in childhood is the willingness and ability for your child to be around other people. Your child engages with peers and wants to connect with others. They enjoy meeting new friends.

Social Skill # 3 Eye Contact

Eye contact in childhood is the ability to connect with and show interest in other people by looking them in the eye. In some cultures, eye contact may not be as important or valued in social interactions. 

Social Skill #4 Positive Interactions with Peers

You want to see your child be able to share, take turns, and engage socially with peers. 

Social Skill #5 Reciprocal Communication

Reciprocal communication in childhood is the ability to carry on a back-and-forth dialogue with a peer, by making comments, asking questions, and commenting on a topic being discussed. You want to see your child be able to share about what interests them while at the same time being just as interested in what another is sharing.

Social Skill #6 Empathy

Empathy in childhood is the ability of your child to understand the emotions of other people. Your child can understand the emotion of another. Your child can be curious about their peers’ thoughts, ideas, and perspectives even if they differ from their own experience. 

Social Skill #7 Socially Motivated

Social motivation in childhood is the desire to connect with others and form friendships. You want to see that your child has the desire to connect with other children and enjoys being with and engaging with other children.

Social Skill #8 Focused Attention

Focused attention in childhood is when your child can stay focused on a task or activity despite other distractions in the environment. You want to see your child being able to pay attention to the teacher’s instructions. It is also important that your child can focus on their own work and be able to complete tasks. 

Social Skill #9 Following Directions

Following directions in childhood is the ability for your child to receive instruction. After receiving instructions, your child can follow through with the task. 

Social Skill #10 Transition Skills

Transition skills in childhood is your child’s ability to navigate change in their environment. Your child needs to be able to transition smoothly from one activity to the next.

If you are concerned about your child developing some of these skills, take heart these skills can be taught to children with promising outcomes. Check out our courses and resource library to get the help you need today.