Last Modified: November 28, 2023 | Published: November 3, 2023

I recently sat down with one of our founders here at Cadey and asked her about her favorite parenting TikTok accounts. It seems like everyone is sharing their parenting advice online.

As you can probably tell for yourself, some of it is excellent advice, and others are a little bit of an eyebrow-raiser. In this blog, you will find some of our favorite TikTok parenting accounts. 

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Cadey’s Favorite Parenting TikToK Accounts 

#1 Dr. Anna Kroncke


Dr. Anna Kroncke is a licensed psychologist, author, and mom. She shares her best secrets with us about raising happy and healthy kids.

If you have a neurodiverse child, you will love her TikTok account. She shares valuable tips you can not find anywhere else.

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@cadeyapp simple tips that work, it’s practice not perfection #emotionalimpulsivity #reasonableexpectations #tipsforparents #childpsychology #cadeyapp #parentingadhd #parentingneurodivergentkids #familycommunication #meltdownsaretough #transitionsandadhd

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#2 Eli Harwood


Eli Harwood is a family therapist and mom of three who talks about secure attachment and raising children mindfully and respectfully.

She is quirky and silly at times, with consistent messaging around parenting that is accessible to all.

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TW Sexual Trauma Prevention We can greatly reduce the number of sexual assaults and traumatic sexual encounters in the world as parents by taking the time to teach and review enthusiastic consent. The messages that surround sexuality (especially for boys and men) are confusing. Movies and films often depict women saying no, but meaning yes….but in the real world it is far more common for someone to say yes, but mean no. It happens because the person asking might be significantly larger than the person being asked. Or the person asking isn’t really asking, they are following protocol to look like they are getting consent, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer anyway so the person being “asked” says yes to avoid ongoing badgering and coercion and potential increased aggression. Our teens need to know these things… 1. All physical affection needs consent. 2. All consent needs to either be enthusiastic or emphatic. 3. Every new form of affection needs new enthusiastic consent. (i.e. they said yes to hand holding does not mean they said yes to kissing) 4. Every new encounter needs new consent. Just because you kissed yesterday doesn’t mean you kiss today. 5. No is not rejection of you, it’s a boundary. Respect it and never push. 6. Affection is fun when everyone feels safe. It’s like driving a car, consent is the safety belt you always put on to protect everyone in case there is a quick stop. Thank you to all the parents out there doing this work to cultivate a healthier next generation.

♬ original sound – Eli Harwood

#3 Mrs. Mc-Amy


Mrs. Mc-Amy is a kindergarten teacher in Michigan. She is informative and funny. She gives you a real look into the kindergarten classroom.  

She gives practical advice on what to expect as your child enters school.

If you are feeling nervous about this new stage of parenting, you will want to check out this TikTok account. 

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Kindergarten (new classroom) tour. #kindergartenclassroom #kindergartenteacher #classroom #school #classroomtour #teachersoftiktok #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU #10MillionAdoptions

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#4 Jon Wholeparent


Jon is a parenting educator who talks parents through managing meltdowns, increasing emotional awareness, and communicating with toddlers and young children.

Topics include how to stop yelling at your kids, what to do when your kids hit, or how to parent on the playground. Jon is relatable, funny, and has good advice. 

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In order to be the best version of yourself going forward…. You have to be willing to look back…. As hard as that may be. Here to help if you need me. #parenting #reparenting #selfwork #therapy

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#5 Jeff Guenther


Therapy Jeff gives relationship advice. While this TikTok is not about parenting, modeling healthy relationships for your child helps your child grow up to have strong and healthy relationships themselves.

Jeff can help you communicate respectfully, have healthy boundaries, and improve the connection between you and your partner. Having these skills in place can strengthen your relationship. 

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Can you validate someone’s feelings without validating their behavior? #camping #campingsucks #mentalhealth #therapy #dating #relationshipadvice

♬ original sound – TherapyJeff

#6 Mayim Bialik


Mayim Bialik is an actress, game show host, and author. She has her doctorate in neuroscience.

Most of her blog posts are pure silliness. She also talks about parenting, neuroscience, and religion.

She offers thoughtful and intellectual advice as a mom and a scientist, making you feel supported and not judged.

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📚 TikTok launched an August #BookTok Reading Challenge! I’m taking part today by sharing a book that I love and feel is underrated: ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ by Bessel van der Kolk! 📖💫 I highly recommend this book! #BookTokChallenge @TikTok

♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

#7 Kim Kizito


Kim Kizito, MEd, is an IEP advocate and former teacher who loves Dr. Russell Barkley’s work as much as we do.

She educates parents about the IEP process and tells them what they can expect from the school in the IEP process.

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The DRAMATIC increase in kids who are found eligible under SLD is a huge red flag that many schools end up on a “waiting to fail” model. You know something is up but the school won’t do anything until the kid is finally failing. #theiepstrategist #iepmeetings #specialeducationalneeds #dyslexia #failingschool #readingproblems

♬ original sound – Kim Kizito, M.Ed Advocate

#8 Dr. Becky Kennedy


Dr. Becky is a psychologist. Her Tiktok is focused on communication with your young or school-aged children.

She also gives strategies for managing meltdowns and improving self-esteem.

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Has your child been rude lately? Not listening? How about hitting their siblings? Getting in trouble at school? Let me start off by saying: You are not alone. Every parent goes through these difficult stages with their kid, me included. Watch this reel for one of my favorite parenting strategies to connect with your child in under one minute. Remember: We all need to feel good inside before we act good on the outside. ❗Good Inside Members❗ Looking for more on how to help our kids through these difficult stages? Have 15 minutes? Follow the “How to Respond and Improve All ‘Bad’ Behaviors” Learning Pathway in the Member Library. Have a little longer? The Conquering Problem Behaviors Workshop will give you a deeper dive. Not a member yet? Check out the link in my bio to learn how you can join today.

♬ original sound – Dr. Becky | Psychologist

#9 Dr. Abbie Jones 


Dr. Abbie Jones is a psychologist and expert on executive functioning. She takes a scientific approach to explaining your child’s behaviors and actions.

She posts long videos with lots of brain-based research.

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The polyvagal theory explains how our body influences our emotional and social behaviors through systems: the ventral vagal (representing social engagement and safety), the sympathetic (representing fight or flight responses), and the dorsal vagal (representing shutdown or freeze reactions). These systems determine our reactions to #stress and our ability to #connect with others. I hope this helps! #emotion #vagusnerve #ventralvagal #polyvagal #psychologists #learn #parenting #teachersoftiktok #fyp #foryourpage #foryou #parenting #emotion #regulation #mood #adhd #audhd #autism

♬ original sound – Dr. Abbie Jones

#10 Greg Kata


Greg is an elementary drama teacher in New Orleans. His channel is pure comedy to make parents laugh.

He gives the funniest things his students say or do each week and will have you rolling.

He is wacky and shares it all. 

This account is not for the faint of heart or for those who don’t want to hear about vomiting kindergarteners.

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@Food Network y’all I got questions!!!! #fyp #storytime #food #random #findyourjoy

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